About Us

Leadtree Global is a financial affiliate network and pingtree, working across a number of countries across the world. We do our best to match consumers with lenders, with the intention of helping people access credit when they need it, even if they have a poor credit history.

Our Journey

About Us

Leadtree Global was created in 2012, when our founding members realised that while there was a lot of focus on affiliate networks for larger loans such as mortgages, there was not enough emphasis on short term lending. We therefore decided to build an affiliate marketing platform of our own, so that we could connect lenders with consumers.

As the name suggests, we operate globally, with particularly strong presences in areas like the UK, Canada, and the US, where the short term lending market continues to grow rapidly.

Our team is made up of talented individuals – each person has strong skills in a particular area, but we’re all working towards the same goal. From members of the tech team, who help lenders and affiliates get integrated with us, to our analytics team, who consider key industry insights and individual metrics, everyone at Leadtree Global is working to ensure that lenders, consumers and affiliates are seeing the best possible results with our services.

Our Values

Our people

An affiliate network is beneficial for everyone involved, from the lenders boosting their conversions, to affiliates earning a commission and borrowers being connected with trusted loan providers. Here at Leadtree Global, our main commitment is to helping individuals access short term credit, regardless of their credit score, as well as increasing the revenue of our partners.

When it comes to our ethos, we’re always striving for more. That’s why our three main values are all about moving forward, evaluating and learning from previous experience:

Success is Rarely Simple

We want to find the best solution for everyone in our network, as well as our own staff and stakeholders. Reaching the perfect outcome may take time though, and we may be tested along the way – thankfully, we’re not afraid of a bit of hard work.

Keep Innovating

We know that technology is moving at a furious pace, so we’re always focussed on innovation, from our software solutions to our analytics platforms. Our team is fast paced and overflowing with creativity, and we’re always ahead of the curve.

Share the Load

As cliche as it may sound, teamwork really does make the dream work! We’re all human, and may make mistakes, but by working together, we can solve just about any problem. The Leadtree Global team are a tight knit group, with a strong focus on interdepartmental cooperation and support.

Our People

about us people

Dan Ware

Dan has been working in Fintech, Financial Services and Marketing for almost twenty years. He started off in a creative and design capacity, moving into B2C and B2B PR and Marketing, and then into Strategic Marketing, Communications and Statistical Analysis.

Dan has worked across numerous brands, including Havana Club Rum, Sacla, Anthony Nolan, The Richmond Group and TablePouncer. From 2012 to 2019 Dan was CEO and the driving force for award winning businesses DJS (UK) Limited and PiggyBank.

Dan has been recognised with numerous awards, such as the 2019 Outstanding Young Executive by the Global Business Excellence Awards and one of the Top CEOs in the UK at the CEO Today Awards 2018.

Sam Baxter

Sam has worked within the Financial Services industry for over ten years. Starting off working as a call centre agent, he has worked his way up through various levels of senior management, and moved through departments to gain a full understanding of how businesses operate.

In 2014, an opportunity arose for Sam to move into Accounts within DJS (UK) Limited, and since then, he has studied AAT and moved into ACCA. This led him to move from Accounts Assistant to Group Management Accountant within a short space of time. It was during this time Sam developed key partnerships with suppliers and lead generators to help reduce costs and increase business relations.

Sam is known for his longevity in companies and worked within The Richmond Group and Debt Line for many years before joining the Leadtree Global team.

Ramzi Al Masri

Ramzi is a Big4 and Top10 trained Chartered Accountant with a strong technical audit and accounting background, as well as experience in Performance Improvement consultancy.

Having previously worked in a Senior Group Commercial Finance role as part of the Head Office of a multinational organisation, and most recently as a Finance Director of an award winning Fintech business, Ramzi brings both technical and commercial finance experience with him as Chief Finance Officer.

As part of the Senior Management Team, Ramzi oversees the day to day running of the Finance & HR Function, as well as contributing financial expertise to the strategy and operations of the business.

Rob Samuel

Rob has had a varied career, spending ten years across the financial industry, starting out in retail banking and moving into alternative lending six years ago. Rob has earned four promotions during his tenure within the company, and now heads up operations for the business.

Rob is involved with all major projects, and has exposure to every area of the business, such as Marketing, Credit Risk, Customer Care, Finance and Tech, which gives Rob a balanced view of each department’s progress. This helps to ensure that all decisions have the key stakeholders’ best interests at the core, whilst reaching commercially viable and sustainable solutions.