Secured Loans

Secured loans are a popular loan solution for both borrowers and lenders. Secured loan lenders have the security of knowing that they’ll see a return on their investment, while borrowers enjoy lower interest rates than with other forms of loan. We have built up an extensive network of secured lenders, in order to provide a better service in terms of commission and conversion.

What Are Secured Loans?

With a secured loan, you need collateral against the value of the loan. The most common type of secured loan is a mortgage – your home acts as collateral should you be unable to keep to the repayments of your mortgage.

The interest rates for secured loans are typically much lower than those of unsecured loans, as the lender takes on less risk. Even if an individual were unable to repay the loan, the lender would not be at a disadvantage, as they could repossess the person’s property.

Passing on Secured Loan Leads

Once you’ve set up with Leadtree Global, you can start sending leads into the system through direct post or polling. Polling is not used that often, as it’s a little more complicated – you’d need to perform a ‘GET’ request on the API after submitting a lead, repeating the process until you get an accepted, rejected, no buyers found or errors response.

With direct post, you simply send your lead directly to Leadtree Global, and wait for us to provide you with a response.

What Lead Options Are Available?

When it comes to commission, you can choose a flat fee or 90% commission for every accepted lead, or a flat fee for each accepted loan. You can just stick with the one that works best for you, or try out a combination of the three options available.

To help maximise commission, we have also put a system in place that allows customers to decide whether they are happy to be considered for other loan options, should they not be eligible for a secured loan. They may instead be able to take out an unsecured loan and still get the funds they need. This system should help increase your lead conversion rate, and mean a higher profit in terms of lead sales.

Instant and Deferred Response Lenders

The most common type of lender when it comes to selling leads is an instant response lender. These lenders will let you know instantly whether they’ve approved the loan, and how much commission this will have earned you. You can then take your success rate into account when making changes to your marketing campaign.

With a deferred response lender, it may take up to 10 days for you to receive a decision for a lead. But the benefit of deferred response lenders is that the commission rates tend to be higher than with instant response lenders.

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