Short Term Loans

Short term loans continue to be a growth area in the market. Particularly appealing to those with a poor credit history, short term loans allow people to get faster access to money, and not have the worry of repaying the loan for years to come. In terms of commission and conversion, we have built up a large network of short term lenders, both within the UK and internationally.

What Are Short Term Loans?

Short term loans are a type of unsecured loan that are repaid over a few months or years rather than an extended length of time. They are made up of a number of loan options, from payday loans to guarantor loans. Although the interest rates of short term loans tend to be higher than those of long term loans, as you’re borrowing the money for a shorter period, you may not pay back too much interest overall.

Generally, short term loans are paid back in monthly installments of the same amount each month, rather than fluctuating monthly based on interest rates. This allows borrowers to budget more easily.

Passing on Short Term Loan Leads

Once you are set up with Leadtree Global, you can pass on short term loan leads through direct post or polling. The former is the most common way to send leads into the system – you pass your lead on directly to Leadtree Global, and we’ll send you back a response.

With polling, you’d need to perform a ‘GET’ request on the API after submitting a lead, repeating the process until you get an accepted, rejected, no buyers found or errors response.

What Lead Options Are Available?

There are three lead options to choose from in terms of commission. You can opt for a 90% commission for every accepted lead, a flat fee for every accepted lead, or a flat fee for each funded loan. You don’t have to stick to just one either – we’ve designed our system to allow you to experiment with these options, and find the combination that works best for you.

Our system has also been carefully crafted to allow customers to change the type of short term loan product they end up with. They can decide whether they’re happy to be considered for a payday or installment loan, should they be turned down for the type of loan they applied for. This means that more customers can get accepted for a loan, providing them with the money they need, and also means higher conversion rates and profit for our affiliates.

Instant and Deferred Response Lenders

You may come across the terms ‘instant response lenders’ and ‘deferred response lenders’. The former is pretty self explanatory – these lenders will tell you straight away whether your lead has converted, and how much commission this has earned you. Most lenders will provide an instant response so that you can get a better overview of how your campaign is performing, and make any adjustments if needed.

It can be slightly more difficult to track the performance of leads sent to deferred response lenders, as they can take up to 10 days to provide a lead decision. However if these leads do convert, you’ll typically get a much higher commission.

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