Our Partners: Canada

The regulations within the short term lending market are not always easy to understand or keep track of, as they constantly seem to be shifting. And when you consider the regulations on an international level, they only get more complicated. As a loan lender, you’ll therefore be looking for trusted quality leads from a respected broker service with years of experience behind them.

At Leadtree Global, we have over 25 years of combined experience in short term lending. During our tenure, we have built up trust and rapport with an extensive network of lenders, helping them to flourish and grow.

Direct Lenders Canada

Within Canada, Leadtree Global works with more than 25 lenders, with over 40 price points. Since integrating with us, these lenders have seen both a rise in conversion rates and an improvement in lead visibility.

We have created a tailor-made service which offers a vast array of customisable features, allowing you to choose the source, type and volume of leads you need, depending on your business objectives. You can additionally view your campaign on our cutting edge lead platform, that has been built for ease of navigation. To allow you to get all you can from our lead generation network, we furthermore offer dedicated account management and technical support services to all our partners.

In terms of integrating with Leadtree Global, to ensure that you find the integration solution that works best for you, we have different options available – you can integrate with us using an API or via iFrame. The latter comes in three formats, so you can simply tell us which one you’d prefer and we’ll provide you with a pre-built iFrame code that you can embed into your website. Regardless of how you choose to integrate, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

For more information on becoming a lending partner with Leadtree Global, simply get in touch with us via our Contact Page.

Performance Monitoring

In order to make valuable changes to your campaign, so that you can improve submission and conversion rates, you’ll need a full overview of your account. We therefore aim to provide you with valuable metrics and substantial data that’s easy to read and understand. Your online account area will give you:

  • A dashboard summary overview
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Options to search and view application history
  • Individual channel reporting

Direct Lenders Canada

You can furthermore use your account area to manage your filters and test out different combinations to try and improve your conversion rate. Our lenders can also check out any insights we provide into demographics we feel they may benefit from targeting. We are constantly keeping an eye on trending market demands, and will share any new data that can help boost your success.

In terms of declined applications, we are able to help you monetise these too. You can send your declined traffic into Leadtree Global through an API into our lending panel, or to a decline page with a click-through link. With the latter option, clicking on the link provided will redirect customers to a lender’s site, after reading a bit of information about the products the lender has available.

Authorised Representatives

While we work with a variety of direct lenders in Canada, we also work with a number of Authorised Representatives (AR). An AR is similar to a broker, generating leads through methods such as SEO, PPC, as well as email and SMS marketing. They can direct traffic to our site, tracking their customers with cookies, or integrate with Leadtree Global directly, using an API or iFrame

The primary difference between an Authorised Representative and a broker service is that an AR does not need regulation of their own, instead using Leadtree Global’s license. This does mean that as an AR, you’re restricted to only directing traffic to our site, but the upside is that we take away the responsibility of having to source your own licence to work in short term lending.

If becoming an Authorised Representative is something you’d be interested in discussing, we’d love to hear from you – you can get in touch here.

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