Our Partners: Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of short term lending. But regardless of whether you’re a start-up lending company or a well established lender, having an affiliate network behind you can always help you increase your revenue.

Leadtree Global has many years of experience working in the short term lending industry, and in that time has built up a vast network of affiliates and lenders on an international basis. Experience and expertise gained over time tend to make a huge difference in affiliate marketing, and we’d like to use our knowledge to help you grow your business.

Direct Lenders Nigeria

Although Leadtree Global has only relatively recently started working with direct lenders in Nigeria, we have already added a large number of lenders to our network. These lenders have enjoyed a custom built platform with easily changeable features, and have also seen an increase in conversion rates since integrating with us.

As a direct lender in Nigeria, you can expect a dedicated account manager when joining our network, as well as technical support services to allow you to get the best possible results from your leads. Our platform is easy to navigate and you can decide the volume, type and source of leads you need, adjusting as necessary.

In terms of integration, Leadtree Global will support you every step of the way. There are three iFrame options available, or you can choose to integrate using our API. Simply contact us to find out your next steps when it comes to joining our affiliate network.

Performance Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring the performance of your campaign, your online account area will provide you with the following:

  • An easy to follow dashboard summary
  • Daily, weekly and monthly overviews
  • Individual channel reporting
  • The option to search and view app history

Direct Lenders Nigeria

Leadtree Global will additionally provide you with valuable metrics and insights into the trending market demands and any demographics you may benefit from targeting. We want to ensure that you not only understand how your leads are performing, but also can easily make changes to your campaign. You can therefore manage all your filters via your online account, and adjust your settings to improve submission and conversion rates.

Another benefit of integrating with Leadtree Global is that we can help you monetise unsuccessful leads. You can either send your declined traffic to Leadtree Global via API into our lending panel, or through a decline page. This will include a click-through link, where customers will be instantly redirected to a lender after reading about the other products available to them.

Authorised Representatives

Leadtree Global not only works with lenders and affiliates in Nigeria, we also work with Authorised Representatives (AR), who use our licence to act on our behalf generating traffic. As an AR does not use regulation of their own, they are unable to direct traffic to other services, but will still receive a commission for generating leads.

In terms of lead generation, an Authorised Representative can do this using the traditional methods like SEO, PPC, as well as email and SMS marketing. Integration is simple – you can do so via API or iFrame, or instead just direct traffic to one of our sites, which can be tracked using cookies. The main benefit of becoming an AR is that we take away the need to obtain your own licence to work in short term finance, which can be a lengthy and complicated process.

To learn more about becoming an Authorised Representative for Leadtree Global, visit our Contact Page and we’ll discuss the options available.

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