Our Partners: Poland

The Polish short term lending market is certainly growing quickly, and as it does, the regulatory guidelines are evolving too. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep up. As a lender, you’ll want to work with a business that has years of experience behind them, and a network of trusted partners.

At Leadtree Global, we have over twenty-five years of combined experience working in the short term lending industry, and during that time have built up a vast network of lenders and affiliates internationally. We only work with reputable partners, so you can rest assured that you’ll be amongst like-minded individuals should you join our network.

Direct Lenders Poland

Leadtree Global works with a large number of direct lenders in Poland, who can attest to the success of our affiliate network. These lenders have not only enjoyed our tailor made platform, which features many customisable options, they have also seen a significant increase in conversion rates.

We’ll take your business needs into account when you integrate with Leadtree Global – you can choose the volume, type, and source of leads you’re looking for, and then view the progress of your campaign using our easy to navigate platform. To allow you to get the most out of our lead generation network, we’ll also provide you with dedicated account management and technical support services.

Integrating with us couldn’t be simpler. Lenders working in Poland can choose to integrate using one of three iFrame options or an API – just let us know the best fit for you, and we’ll help you get started.

To find out more information about becoming a lending partner with Leadtree Global, you can visit our Contact Page – we’d love to hear from you!

Performance Monitoring

Lenders will be provided with a range of metrics to help them understand how their leads are performing individually and overall. You can additionally manage your filters easily, to make changes to your campaign in order to improve conversion rates and submission. These filters can be adjusted via your online account, which will also provide you with:

  • An easy dashboard summary
  • Daily weekly and monthly overviews
  • Options to search and view app history
  • Individual channel reporting

Direct Lenders Poland

Leadtree Global will furthermore give you regular insights into any new demographics you may benefit from targeting, based on trending market demands, as well as other financial insights in the short term lending market.

If you’re looking to monetise your leads that are unsuccessful, we can also provide you with declined application services. You can send your declined traffic to Leadtree Global via a decline page with a click through link or by the API you have integrated with. In regards to the former option, this will allow customers to read about other available products and be redirected to a lender upon clicking on the link provided.

Authorised Representatives

Within Poland, we don’t just work with direct lenders and affiliates. We also work with several Authorised Representatives (AR), who act in a similar way to regulated brokers. The primary difference between the two is that a broker needs to have their own licence, whereas an AR would use Leadtree Global’s licence.

An Authorised Representative can generate traffic in the same way a broker can, through mechanisms such as SEO, PPC, SMS and email. They are unable to direct leads to other services however, as using our licence means they can only represent Leadtree Global.

To become an AR, you can integrate with us via iFrame or API, or simply direct traffic to our site, which can be tracked using cookies. To find out more about joining our network as an Authorised Representative, just get in touch!

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