Our Partners: Spain

The short term lending market relies on a number of regulatory guidelines, but these are not always easy to navigate. As a lender, you’ll therefore be keen to work closely with a partner you can trust, who can offer you quality loan leads.

Leadtree Global have over 25 years of combined experience in the short term lending industry, and throughout our tenure, we’ve built strong relationships with a vast network of lenders, based on mutual trust and success.

Direct Lenders Spain

Throughout Spain, we work with a variety of direct loan lenders. These lenders not only see an increase in conversion rates, they also get to enjoy a bespoke service that offers numerous customisable features.

Direct lenders working with Leadtree Global can choose the type, source and volume of leads they need, depending on their business objectives. You can view your campaign via our tailor-made platform, which is incredibly simple to navigate, and allows you to easily make adjustments when required. We furthermore offer dedicated account management and technical support services, to ensure you get the best possible results from our network.

When it comes to integrating with Leadtree Global Spain, we’re here to support you every step of the way. You can choose to integrate using either an API or one of three iFrame options – simply let us know which solution best suits your needs and we’ll get you set up and ready to go in no time.

If you’re a direct lender working in Spain, and wish to find out more about becoming a lending partner with Leadtree Global, we’d love to hear from you!

Performance Monitoring

In terms of performance monitoring, we want to ensure that you have all the tools you need to improve your submission and conversion rates. That’s why we provide all our lenders with valuable metrics to help them understand how their leads are performing, and offer the facility to manage their filters, adjusting them as needed to increase conversions. Your online account will provide you with:

  • A simple dashboard summary
  • Daily, weekly and monthly overviews
  • Search and view application history options
  • Individual channel reporting

Direct Lenders Spain

You’ll also receive regular insights into new demographics we feel you might like to explore and market to, based on trending market demands.

Leadtree Global can additionally help lenders increase their revenue by monetising declined applications. You can redirect your declined traffic to Leadtree Global, via an API which sends traffic to our pingtree, or by using a decline page with a click-through link. With the latter option, customers can learn more about other available products and will be automatically redirected to a lender when they click on the link provided.

Authorised Representatives

We don’t just work with direct lenders in Spain, we also work with several Authorised Representatives (AR). An AR is similar to a broker, in the sense that they generate traffic using traditional mediums such as SMS, email, PPC and SEO. The main difference is that an AR conducts business using Leadtree Global’s licence rather than their own.

As an AR literally represents the interests of Leadtree Global, they’d be expected to keep to our high standards of business ethics and would be unable to direct traffic to other services. Generating leads works in the same way as it would for an affiliate or broker, and an Authorised Representative will receive a commission for these leads, we simply take away the burden of needing your own licence to work in short term lending.

If you’re interested in becoming an Authorised Representative working in Spain, you can discuss this further via our Contact Page.

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