Pingtree: The Basics

Pingtree: The Basics

You may have heard of the term ‘pingtree’ if you’re involved in affiliate marketing or the short term financial industry, but for most people, it’s a foreign concept. So what exactly is a pingtree, and how are they used?

What is Pingtree?

A pingtree is a type of lead generation process conducted in real-time – a customer’s live application is sent to a variety of organisations and sold to the highest bidder. Within the financial sector, this means that a borrower only has to complete one loan application, which is then sent to multiple lenders to review. This not only saves time, the borrower is also more likely to be approved for a loan using a pingtree. Pingtrees allow more lenders to consider an application than if a person were to apply via just one lender’s site.

The pingtree will consider the rules and lending criteria a lender has in place, and will accept or reject a lead in the quickest possible time.

Pingtree Affiliate Marketing

For affiliate marketers, a pingtree can be hugely beneficial. By directing traffic into the pingtree rather than to a specific lender, you can drastically increase the likelihood of earning a commission. You can make revenue through two main methods:

Cost Per Accept (CPA)

You may get paid a commission on a cost per accept basis, which means that when a lender accepts a lead through the pingtree, you’ll get a predefined commission.

pingtree basics

Cost Per Funded (CPF)

Other lenders may only wish to pay a commission for leads where a customer is approved for a loan. This method is less common than CPA, but often offers a higher commission rate.

Regardless of which model you opt for as an affiliate marketer, a pingtree will mean you’ll find out much faster whether your lead has been accepted. As the lead goes through our real-time lead management software, you should know within minutes whether you’ll earn a commission through a CPA or CPF lead.

The pingtree method furthermore has stronger conversion rates than just about every other form of marketing. This is particularly true when the pingtree includes a variety of lenders, with a range of eligibility criteria. At Leadtree Global, we work with the biggest UK payday and short term lenders, as well as several new start-up lenders, so offer our affiliates and those looking to borrow money the best chance of success.

Benefits of Using Lead Distribution Software

There are a number of advantages to using lead distribution software such as a pingtree, including a quick response, high commission rates, and great acceptance rates. Affiliates who integrate with Leadtree Global will also see the following benefits:

  • Online portal with a dedicated account manager
  • Earn up to 95% commission, with a high accept rate
  • Flexible filters and campaign options
  • Easy integration, within a matter of hours
  • Regular insights provided regarding the short term lending industry

If you’re looking to join our network of affiliates, integrating with Leadtree Global is simple, and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. You can either choose one of three iFrame applications to integrate into your website, or use our API. Alternatively, you may wish to use marketing data to generate traffic to one of our broker sites, and we’ll track your leads using cookies.

To get started, simply get in touch with us via our Contact Page – we can then discuss the affiliate marketing options available to you!