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Working with the team at Leadtree Global has been an absolute pleasure. Every one of our weekly meetings has been extremely productive and has enabled us to help drive greater cost efficiencies and increase lead generation for the business.

Collaboration with the team has been easy and enjoyable, with both parties focused on the task at hand. It really feels like we have been welcomed in as an extension of the team and we are very much looking forward to developing the relationship and exploring new ways to acquire more customers.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace with a big challenge in rising costs it is crucial to have an open approach to new ideas and strategies. The enthusiasm of the Leadtree Global team means we can adopt a pragmatic approach which will serve the business well in future.

It’s a pleasure working with you guys, keep up the great work!

Jack Dove, Senior Customer Success Manager

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Fire Digital

We have worked with Leadtree Global for many years now, we have worked on a variety of different projects and campaigns, the guys are always helpful, professional and engaging.

In this modern age of online marketing it is vital that partnerships work, we have found the guys at Leadtree Global are fully ready to engage and understand what needs to happen to drive business forward, to do the best job for their customers, and to create a great online experience.

A great team with a caring, professional approach to what they do!

Joe Ogden, Director

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We’ve been working with Leadtree Global (LTG) since 2018, initially working together on SMS / email campaigns to drive traffic to Loans 2 Go’s websites. As Loans 2 Go developed its online presence and committed to 100% online lending this soon developed into a PING style operation together. LTG have grown to become one of our strategic broker partners and represent a significant opportunity for us.

2020 was a challenging year for most businesses; for financial services it was particularly challenging as customer demand and conversion dropped significantly; LTG focused hard and remained committed to presenting us with suitable applicants that we were able to convert, something we’ve always enjoyed with LTG; quality traffic! The team at LTG are both professional, personable and trustworthy, we enjoy the partnership and plan to continue working with LTG as Loans 2 Go continues to develop its current product portfolio.

Martin Rix, COO

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Mediablanket Ltd

It’s been a pleasure to have collaborated with Leadtree Global for over 5 years now! Our working relationship has greatly developed during these years and we are proud to have been able to help them with their lead generation.

We share many of the same values with this company such as: customer focus, responsibility, and the commitment to deliver the best financial solutions, which makes our journey together so fulfilling.

We are looking forward to future projects with Leadtree Global to help them attain their immediate and long-term plans to grow their business.

Anthony Bradley, Director

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We have had the pleasure of working with Leadtree Global for a number of years now. Over this time we have exchanged ideas and built a great partnership and without doubt they have become a truly valued client.

They are always keen to share best-practice and enhance the working relationship, and as true experts in their field we feel it a privilege to play a part in their success.

We look forward to working together and collaborating on projects for many years to come.

Tom Howarth, Business Owner